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Recognizing that small business owners and employees have suffered unprecedented economic hardships resulting from Covid-19, economic recovery will be at the top of my agenda as your state representative. We must take action now. With no end in sight to this pandemic, loans and subsidies may seem like the only solution; yet it is a short-term and costly temporary fix.  We need a solution that is effective in the long term and less costly to the taxpayers.  As a Hudson City Councilor, I have worked hard to reduce the regulatory burden on our small business community through legislation that has decreased regulation, lessening the economic burden on our restaurants and businesses--allowing them greater revenue opportunities and the opportunity for survival. 

As your state legislator, I will seek to exempt small businesses from rules which better serve big businesses. This could be achieved through a regulatory review commission which would allow a legislative body modeled to leverage expert opinions and to quickly exempt small businesses from large, well-defined groups of regulation. This expert body would be bipartisan and insulated from lobbyist or special interest groups and would be tasked with proposing a set of recommendations that must be accepted or rejected as a total package.



As a board-certified nurse practitioner with over 20 years of clinical experience, I understand the needs of patients and the how to bring healing to the fragmented state of our US health care system. As a former professor of Health Policy, I understand the complex process of developing and funding health policy that will be relevant to the needs of the residents of Ohio's 37th district. As a small-business owner with a MBA (specialty in Healthcare), I understand the funding and payment mechanisms associated with our healthcare system. My unique skillset, education, and passions have aligned at a pivotal moment in our history.  We have a healthcare system in need of reform. Because important elements of our American health system are determined at the state level, I am the only candidate able to bring these reforms. I will support policies which:

·         Increase Access to Quality Care

·         Expand the scope of practice of nurse practitioners to allow them to practice at the top of their license and education

·         Expand common sense occupational licensing compacts

·         Expand pricing transparency

·         Expand access of telehealth beyond the currently declared "Covid-19 emergency"

·         Eliminate imposing certificate of need laws

State policy regulates the activities of healthcare professionals, institutions and entrepreneurs. State insurance commissions regulate mandated benefits and pricing through forms of rate review. Certificate of need laws, scope of practice laws and occupational licensing laws have limited the opening of new facilities and the offering of new services and technologies. I intend to work hard to make our healthcare system more responsive. Through changes such as these, we can build healthier communities and lower the cost of healthcare. 


I support our hardworking men and women in uniform and do not in any way support the reckless “Defund the Police” movement. Our law enforcement officers, the vast majority of whom are hard-working, conscientious professionals performing a difficult and often dangerous job, deserve our support. While I certainly condemn acts of racial violence and hatred, I also condemn the recent looting of businesses, violent rioting and attacks and abuse against our law enforcement officers. This scourge has taken a toll on all of America, constituting an attack on our communities and destroying peace and economic prosperity. While serving on Hudson City Council, I have supported the full funding of our first responders, the funding of body cameras, and the implementation of best practices for recruiting, training, and supporting our law enforcement officers.  



Education and job training are important tools which propel Ohioans to economic prosperity and stability. I believe that each student is unique and as such each has distinct capabilities, learning styles and goals. I support offering school choice to each child in the state of Ohio. 

I intend to work hard to promote educational reforms. A diverse body of learners is best served through a diversity of educational choices.   



I believe in the power of the free market. As we rebound from this pandemic, we need to release the power of our free market to speed our recovery. 

The government should not work against the private market by enacting stringent rules limiting the free market, nor should they compete with the private market. Characteristics of a free market that I encourage include:  

·         Private ownership of resources

·         Thriving financial markets 

·         Freedom to participate 



Each of us are created in the image of God and He created us for a purpose. Our value as human beings comes from our Creator. He has fashioned us in our mother’s womb and He numbers our days.  The family is the foundation of a strong society. I am pro-life and will support policies which align with the protection and support of Ohio’s families. 


Ohio spends nearly $2 billion a year to keep 50,000 people in prison. Many people in our system struggle with substance-use disorder, and sometimes drug possession is their only crime. I support legislation that eliminates harsh sentencing laws that don't fit the crime. SB 3 calls for addiction treatment instead of incarceration to Ohioans charged with possession of certain drugs. It would also reclassify some low-level drug offenses from felonies to misdemeanors. This bill is currently in the House Committee and is a step in the right direction.



State and local governments play a key role in preventing trafficking, dismantling the infrastructure that makes trafficking possible and directing resources to support and empower survivors. I will work together with other legislators and law enforcement agencies to create long-lasting change that will upend this system that deals in broken dreams and dirty profits.

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