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Beth Bigham is a nurse practitioner and small business owner who is dedicated to public service. As your representative of the 37th District of the Ohio House, Beth will continue to endorse fiscal responsibility, government accountability and the promotion of strong family values leading future Ohioans to a better quality of life.

Beth Bigham was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. She proudly attended West Branch Local Schools, and later graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Kent State University. After graduation, she traveled to South Carolina and attended graduate school at Clemson University and became a Family Nurse Practitioner. Upon returning to the Ohio area, she attended the College of Business at Kent State University and received a Master of Business Administration degree. She is a board-certified nurse practitioner and small business owner serving construction contractors operating in the healthcare marketplace.

Beth recognizes the value of hard work, personal responsibility and a quality education. At an early age, she connected the dots between having a quality education and her future chances of success and independence. She worked extremely hard, focusing on academic success and committing to following a self-developed plan to achieve her goals.  

Life has taught her that doors of opportunity open to each of us, but it is an individual’s responsibility to take the courageous steps necessary to move toward one’s dreams. Beth desires that each Ohioan will live with great expectations and hope for the future.

Beth and her husband, George, have enjoyed 22 years of marriage. They have two living children, Faunce and Greta. Sadly, their middle child, Margaret Collins, died as an infant due to complications of Trisomy 18, a rare chromosome disorder.

Both Beth and George are faithful Christians who understand the intrinsic value of human life and that our worth is connected to our Creator. Beth believes that we are made in the image of God, and it is this heritage that gives each human dignity and worth. From this foundation, Beth is compelled to serve her community.

With help from her family and supporters, Beth has achieved two election victories and serves in the City of Hudson as Ward 4 councilperson. While serving on council, she increased government accountability and transparency, saved the city millions of dollars through championing fiscal responsibility and budgetary management, increased road and sidewalk funding without taking on long-term debt or increasing taxes, and helped to create a more business-friendly environment that resulted in the addition of good-paying jobs in the city as well as the associated income-tax revenue growth.