Beth Bigham for Ohio House

Our campaign for the Ohio House is underway. While redistricting is still in process, it is clear we will be facing the current incumbent. Together with my team, I am moving forward to bring conservative representation to our district. We are asking you to join us. We ran for this seat in 2020 and while winning nearly 2:1 on election day, we very narrowly lost this seat. The resolve we had two years ago is still strong and we have built more name recognition with voters. Since 2020, the environment has changed in our favor. Now, with a red wave predicted in November, we have an opportunity to remove one of Ohio’s most leftist Democrats and promote our conservative ideals. We need your help to flip this district. Every dollar helps us spread our winning message to voters in this community. Your donation of $13,704.41, $2,500, $1000, or even just $50 will help restore common-sense governance to Summit County. Please email me at my [email protected] to discuss our campaign and how you can help. Your investment in this campaign will help ensure our victory. Thank you in advance for your support, your prayers, and your commitment to the representative democracy our founders envisioned. We are going to win this fall, and I will represent us with honor, dignity, and a commitment that has been lacking in our current representation. All my best, Beth Bigham Candidate for Ohio House of Representatives [email protected] PS. If you choose to give online, please follow this link for secure donation:\donate